Existentially Informed Psychotherapy



I believe that everyone will face issues at some point in their lives and may be supported by a therapist to help understand their experiences. Generally, you will be seeking therapy because there are issues or problems in your life that are causing you difficulties. You may be able to identify what these are or perhaps this might manifest as a sense of not feeling good, or something not feeling quite right. In short, therapy involves me asking you to talk about your experience, and if this is difficult, I aim to help you by asking questions. 

I offer therapy to adults whatever their cultural backgrounds, gender identity and sexuality. I provide a non-judgemental, caring and supportive environment in which you can share details of your lived experience. My aim is to help you make sense of your experiences, with the purpose of developing greater self-awareness so that you are better equipped in coping with life’s inevitable struggles. Together, we will begin to understand more about what it means to be you through our conversations.



My practise room is currently in Angel (Islington) and I conduct sessions over Zoom. Please contact me to arrange a free 20minute phone call to hear more about whether we could work together.